AAJ's Litigating Truck Accident Cases, written by Michael Leizerman


Litigating Truck Accident Cases (AAJ Press)When it comes to truck accident cases, Michael Leizerman wrote the book - literally. In AAJ's Litigating Truck Accident Cases, Michael uses his wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with guidance in cases involving personal injury, death, or damages caused by trucks or commercial trailers. Used and respected nationwide, this multi-volume work is the definitive examination of trying truck accident cases. In a thorough, step-by-step approach, it begins with a discussion of accident investigation and continues through the litigation process. It includes a discussion of hazardous materials carriage liability as well as an overview of truck accident laws and regulations from each state.

No other source combines an explanation of practice in tractor-trailer cases with the federal and state regulations affecting such cases. This treatise explains what must be preserved, and how to obtain it before the opposition. You'll find a glossary of terms to acquaint you with the jargon in these cases so you'll be on top of current industry practices and have all the forms needed to bring an action in court.

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Litigating Truck Accident Cases - Thompson West Publishing

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