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May 11

Attorney Andy Young Talks Tactics that Bring Big Value to Truck Crash Cases at Ohio Association for Justice’s Annual Seminar

On May 6, The Law Firm for Truck Safety Attorney, Andy Young, gave a lecture to fellow Ohio plaintiff attorneys on how going above and beyond during the case review analysis can yield big payoffs in your trial strategy. Speaking as part of the Ohio Association for Justice’s Annual Seminar, his presentation entitled, “Driving the …

May 04

The National Board of Trial Advocacy Recognizes the Professional Excellence of Truck Accident Attorneys Michael and Rena Leizerman with President’s Awards

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) has awarded truck accident attorneys Michael and Rena Leizerman with the board’s distinguished President’s Award. This distinctive honor recognizes NBTA members for their outstanding work and unique accomplishments impacting the legal field and their professional communities while advancing the NBTA’s mission to raise the professional level and quality …

May 03

Compassion in the Courtroom: TLFTS Attorney Andy Young Gives Talk at Michigan Association for Justice’s Trial Advocacy Seminar

Personal injury attorneys know that a compelling narrative is the difference between verdicts that give clients the means to heal and the ones that leave them feeling incomplete and like justice was not served. This is especially true in catastrophic truck accident cases, in which victims are often severely injured or have lost a loved …

May 02

Truck Accident Matthew Wright speaks at NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar

The Law Firm for Truck Safety attorney, Matthew Wright, was among many recognized leaders who gave talks on trucking and truck crash litigation at New Jersey Association For Justice’s (NJAJ) 2022 Boardwalk Seminar. Mr. Wright spoke on one of the aspects of truck crash case litigation and necessary for pursuing justice to its fullest extent: …

Apr 18

Truck Accident Attorney Matthew Wright Talks Amazon, Driver Tenure, Training and More at MAJ Truck Case Seminar

On Thursday, April 14th, The Law Firm for Truck Safety’s Matthew Wright spoke to personal injury and plaintiff attorneys on the impact large online retailers like Amazon have on modern-day truck crash litigation. The two-day hybrid seminar, hosted by The Minnesota Association for Justice, covered all things trucking. The presenters, all well-versed in truck accident …

Apr 08

The Law Firm for Truck Safety Attorneys Help Launch ATAA’s First New Trucking Lawyer Division Bootcamp

April 6th marked ATAA’s inaugural New Trucking Lawyer Division Bootcamp. Located at the Rio in Las Vegas, NV the three-day event gave personal injury attorneys hands-on practice honing the skills needed to master trucking cases. 60 new trucking lawyers from across the US came to Las Vegas to learn from the Nation’s leading trucking lawyers …

Mar 28

TLFTS Spring Speaking Event Schedule Kicks off With TTLA Trucking Seminar

This March, Music City hosted many leading voices in truck crash litigation, including The Law Firm for Truck Safety attorney, Matthew Wright. On March 25, 2022, The Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association (“TTLA”) hosted its 2022 Trucking Seminar at the Hilton in Downtown Nashville. During this event, 6 NBTA board-certified truck crash attorneys spoke on various …

Mar 10

Is a Driver Qualified to Drive a Large Truck if a Driver Has a Commercial Vehicle Driver’s License (CDL)?

The short answer: NO! There is a dangerous, incorrect, and all too prevalent assumption that the issuance of a CDL (and the training that goes into CDL issuance) means that the CDL holder is qualified to drive any commercial vehicle. In reality, obtaining a CDL is oftentimes just the beginning on the road to becoming …

Feb 21

Oklahoma Supreme Court Stands behind The Law Firm for Truck Safety’s Fight for Truck Case Transparency

Oklahoma City, OK – In a huge win for truck crash transparency, the Oklahoma Supreme Court sided with the Law Firm for Truck Safety and compelled disclosure of critical case and insurance documents. On Feb 8, in a 7-2 decision, the Oklahoma Supreme Court denied the Defendant’s attempts to bury vital case information by classifying …

Feb 18

Winter Weather Threatens Roadway Safety – Use Extreme Caution

Every year winter weather brings snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice throughout the U.S. The intensity and frequency of these winter storms have been on the rise in recent years, and with it, so have the hazards of winter weather driving. Whatever mode of transportation you use –from pedestrian to semi-truck –it is important to …

Feb 15

What is Off-Tracking in a Large Truck?

WHAT HAPPENS IN OFF-TRACKING? Off-tracking is a term used to describe what happens with large trucks, or any vehicle with more than one set of wheels when the rear wheels don’t follow the same path as the front wheels while moving through a turn or a curve. Instead, the rear wheels will follow the shorter …

Feb 07

Driving Change or Spinning their Wheels? How the New Entry-Level Driving Training Rule Fails to Advance Roadway Safety.

Starting February 7, all CDL hopefuls looking to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) must now complete a standardized entry-level driver training curriculum with a registered FMCSA training provider. Prior to the new Entry-level Driver Training Regulations, no consistent training program or database existed for commercial motor vehicle drivers. What curricula did exist lived at …

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