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Settlement and Verdict Results

We handle a small number of cases and work toward getting the maximum results. Here are a few of our recent results. Leizerman & Associates is dedicated to helping trucking accident victims and co-counsel understand trucking law and precedent.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case. Some names of people and companies have been modified to preserve confidentiality.


$11 Million Verdict

2016, Columbus, Ohio
Dyer v. Schwan’s Home Services et. al.
Commercial motor vehicle pulled in front of another, resulting in a non-contact rollover causing a herniated disc with multi-level fusions

$6.2 Million Settlement

commercial motor
vehicle wrongful death settlement

$4 Million Settlement

confidential trucking settlement

$3.9 Million Settlement

confidential trucking settlement


$12 Million Settlement

2015, Ohio
confidential settlement
truck accident injury

$4.25 Million Settlement

2015, Ohio
Child brain injury

$4.06 Million Settlement

2015, Ohio
confidential settlement
trucking death in construction zone

$2.3 Million Settlement

2015, Virginia
confidential settlement
multi-vehicle pile up


$34 Million Settlement

Truck accident injury

$4.9 Million Settlement

Truck crash
Wrongful Death

$3 Million Settlement

October 2014, Ohio
confidential settlement
Truck Accident
Wrongful death consortium claim

$2 Million Settlement

2014, Arizona
confidential settlement
Truck Accident
Wrongful death consortium claim


$16 Million Verdict

October 2013, Ohio
Estate of Poe v. Jurgensen et al.
Truck Accident in construction zone
Wrongful death consortium claim

$3.43 Million Settlement and Judgment

April 2013, Iowa
Mitchell v. various defendants
Truck Accident
This involved an oversized tractor trailer load in which a driver operated the remote control trailer while also driving the rear pilot car/escort car


$13.2 Million Verdict

March 2012, Phoenix, AZ
Bachrach v. Covenant Transportation
Truck Accident
Consortium claim for mother and father of 31 year old man killed on I-10
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$5.2 Million Verdict Against Trucking Broker and Driver

March 2012, Oregon
Linhart v. Heyl Logistics LLC, et al.
Truck Accident
This appears to be the first punitive damages verdict against a truck broker in a negligent hiring case

$2.35 Million Settlement

December 2012, Ohio
confidential settlement
Truck Accident
This involved a tractor with a double trailer.


$4.4 Million Settlement

June 2011,
Caudill v. Lautrec et al.
Personal Injury

$2.6 Million Verdict, upheld by U.S. Supreme Court in June 2011

Paid over $3 million with interest - June
Battaglia v. Norfolk Southern Railroad
Personal Injury

$2.4 Million Settlement

September 2011, Pittsburgh, PA
brain injury
Truck Accident


$6.1 Million Verdict

March 2010
Stebbins et al. v. E.S. Wagner
Truck/motorcycle/construction accident
Construction company did not close access road leading to construction, leading to leg fractures and a death when a truck entered a lane that led to nowhere.

$2.425 Million Settlement

April 2010
Anthony H. v. ABC Trucking Company
Trucking Accident
Tractor-trailer went left of center, resulting in fractured leg.


$5.4 Million Settlement

Jane Doe v. XYZ corporation
Personal Injury
Confidential settlement.

$3.3 Million Settlement

Multiple Estates v. Commercial Vehicle
Wrongful Death
Corporate car went left of center, resulting in death of several family members.

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