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Helping truck accident victims is my life's work. I have sat and cried with many families who have lost loved ones. If this has happened to you, I cannot fully understand all that you are going through, but I can meet with you in person to understand what you have lost and how it has affected your life. I will leave "no stone unturned" in order to ensure that the truck driver, truck company, broker, shipper and any other liable party are held fully accountable. Winning a truck accident case comes as a result of knowledge, experience and good old-fashioned hard work. My focus on truck accident cases over the years has helped me gain the knowledge and experience needed to be successful, and I work tirelessly to see that my clients receive the maximum compensation for their loss.

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I went to truck driving school, wrote the book on truck accident cases, and was the first chair of the re-formed American Association for Justice's Trucking Litigation Group. I have tried and won truck accident cases across the country, working as co-counsel with top-notch attorneys screened for quality, knowledge and results. In these cases, my clients get the benefits of having two firms work for them while only paying one fee. When I join a local attorney as co-counsel, it doesn't cost the client a penny more. Trials can be the best way to maximize rewards. I spend a lot of time in the courtroom and if you want me to, I will take your case all the way.

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Things you should keep in mind

Protect Yourself
In truck collisions, federal regulations require that certain essential evidence only be maintained for a limited amount of time. For instance, the truck driver's log may be destroyed after six months if an attorney does not obtain a court order or take other immediate action.

Federal regulations also require over the road trucks to carry various levels of insurance coverage, depending on the nature of materials hauled. Many times, trucking, hauling, and leasing companies may argue over which insurance company is responsible for compensating the victim in a truck collision. Current federal regulations protect the innocent party by helping to ensure coverage.

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